7 Free Upcycling Ideas for Kids!

1) Bag Dispenser

Don’t discard your empty 2L bottles of cold drinks. Use them creatively by making them dispensers
for garbage bags, Plastic bags, and rags.

Materials: 1 cold drink bottle -2L, Knife or a cutter, a marker pen, decoration material/Paint and

Step1:Remove the cap and mark 1/2 inches from the top and 4 inches from the bottom with the
Now cut this part with knife or a cutter.

Step 2: Decoration of the bottle to be done according to choice. You could paint it or use stickers.
Also write with the marker the use of this dispenser. I used an old gift wrapping paper.

Step 3: Place the bigger circle upward and smaller downward for the proper functioning of the
dispenser. Make a hole at one side towards the top so as to hang the dispenser over a nail in the
kitchen, garden or any place of your convenience.

Step 4: Stuff this dispenser with garbage bags, plastic bags or even regular rags. See that one of
the stuffed materials is dangling out from the lower end of the dispenser so that it can be pulled out
when needed.
Once the dispenser becomes functional refill it from time to time.


2)Gift Box

Ever wondered what to do with greeting cards or cereal boxes or even remaining card paper ? Well a lot can be done and here’s one nice little creative thing to do
All you will need is The Card/The Cereal Box or remaining card paper, glue and pencil
Cut the card paper or cereal box into two and then follow the steps.

Step 1: Make a square on the paper. I took 16 *16cm .Join the diagonals.

Step 2: Cut the outline of the square and take one vertex or corner towards yourself.

Step 3: Now fold the corner towards the point of intersection of the two diagonals, follow the
same for the opposite corner too. Now make a further fold on these folds.Release these folds of
both the corners, you will see parallel lines been formed. Follow the same for the remaining two
corners.Open up all the folding .You will observe that a square is formed in the center. Draw it
with the pencil and make dotted lines as shown in the picture for they are to be cut. These lines
will be cut only till the vertex of the square.

Step 4: Take the Uncut sides and fold it as shown as if making parallel walls. The remaining part
of the side that is folded should be folded making right angle such that you end up making a
square. For the folds to be proper you can use glue.

Step 5: Now take the other corners and just fold it over the wall and snug it into the base as
shown in the picture. You can use glue to secure your folding.The cover can be made in the same
way just by making the square a little bigger so take 16cm side.

You can decorate this gift box with decorative articles or if you have used your old cards then it is
already colorful.

3)Lid banjos

Many a times our glass jars break leaving behind the lids. Now convert these lids into small banjos
for your children to play.

I used the lid of a big Jam bottle likewise you can use any lid size of your convenience but make
sure it’s metallic.

Materials: Metallic Lid, 4 strong rubber bands (be careful not to strike them hard they may break
and hurt a little), one candy stick and some decorative laces or decorative cello tape and cello tape
or white tape.

Step 1: Take your jar lid and wrap 4 rubber bands or loom bands over it. On the upper surface tape
up the rubber bands.

Step 2: Now over the tape place your candy stick and tape it too. So your banjo has its handle.
Towards the corner decorate the handle with colourful lace or colourful cello tape. Make 4 bands of
different sequences to make it look colourful.

Now it’s all set to be taken for playing


4)Bird Feeder

We all love the sight of birds and even more the birds chirping around.
Let’s do something to assure that we have bird’s Company. With this small project you can easily
make a Bird Feeder to feed grains or even provide water for drinking for the birds.

Materials : A 2L cold drink bottle, paint, woollen yarn, punching machine, grains or water.

Step 1: Take your 2L Cold drink bottle and cut off about 4 inches from the bottom. We have our base
ready as we got it from the project we made -The Utility Dispenser (Check it out )

Step 2: Take a punching machine and punch 2holes exactly opposite to each other. Punch them at
about 1/2inch from the edge that has been cut.

Step 3: Decorate your bird feeder with paint.

Step 4: Taken a long string of wool and fold it till you get 4 strands.

Step 5: Insert this wool through one of the hole.Secure it by making a knot outwardly.Now pass the
remaining wool through the other hole and also make a knot.So now you are ready with your Bird
Feeder that can be hanged on nails or even on branches of trees .

You can fill this feeder with grains or even with water and so now the birds get a good Break Time
whenever they visit your Bird Feeder.

5)Desk Organizer

We do a lot of online shopping or buy stuff that comes in cardboard boxes. At times we do also
have extra cardboard at home in the form of the book covers of our children. We can use these
to make an organizer to keep and store variety of our stationary like pencil, colours, etc. in an
organised manner where we can find them easily.

Materials: cardboard, glue, and decorative materials.

Step 1: Cut open your cardboard cartons or cut the cardboard from the books (if the books have
extra pages use them to make your personalised file-refer to our DIY for it)
Arrange these cardboards to make triangles of equal size. Make about 6 to start with. We covered
the boring boxes in white paper which were decorated by my daughter in various patterns like
Circles, Standing line, Horizontal line, etc.

Step 2: Take a cardboard and cut it into a rectangular shape so as to stick out 3 triangles joint to
one another at ends. Use strong glue for this purpose. Now for the second layer place two
triangles between the gaps of the base triangles. These two triangles should fit snugly but glue
them so that they are durable but that’s not completely done. You will decorate this pyramid with
colours or paper and use it to store your colours, pencils, and many other things horizontally.

Happy Organizing.


There is variety of healthy breakfast choices like cereals (Corn Flakes, Muesli, etc.) and we surely
buy it for our darling children. Now once the cereal is complete let’s get to Upcycling. Let’s convert
this empty cereal box into a personal notebook or file.

Materials: an empty cereal box, some loose sheets of paper, an attractive big button, needle thread,
some woolen yarn and decoration materials.

Step 1: Take an empty cereal box and cut its one side and base open, so now you have your cereal
box as one rectangle. Fold this properly into two. The inner surface should have the name of the
cereal and so to cover it up use some simple chart paper or plain white paper that is handy. The
outer surface will be the brown colour that we will decorate later. At the center of one loose end we
need to stitch our decorative big button and on the back side of the other loose end stick the
woolen yarn with glue. This yarn will be used to close our file securely.

Step 2: Take about 20/30 loose sheets of paper and stitch them in the middle of the file with the help
of a strong needle and woolen thread.

Step 3:Now Take a decoration paper or even gift wrapping paper and stick it over the edge that is joint
on which our stitches with woolen thread/yarn was done. This will hide away the stitching and make
your file look attractive.

Step 4: Now we leave you with full liberty to decorate the file with stickers or paint or anything of your
choice. You will be so proud using this Upcycled Cereal box file.

Happy writing ✍

7)Family Fort

When your child wants to make a fort in your house all you will need is A Newspaper House.
All you need here are old newspapers and some glue and maybe cello tape /stapler.
You need to take about 40/50 full sheets of newspapers to make a good size of the house for play.

Step 1: Take a single sheet of newspaper and start to roll it from one corner. The rolling should be
done tightly so that the rolled sheet is strong .Stick the last roll with glue.

Step 2: In the same way Make about 48 rolls (take multiples of three) rolls from the newspaper

Step 3: Now join three rolls forming a triangle and do the same for all the other sheets too.
You will get about 16-18 triangles.

Step 4: Now join theses triangles with each other using either cello tape or stapler to secure the
binds. Arrange these in a shape of your choice. You can make a base of a hexagon and arrange
the triangles over them.

Cover this shape you achieve with a bed sheet with cartoons or any favorite character of your
child So now your child’s private play zone is ready. Don’t forget to knock before you enter.




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