Let’s have an Eco-Friendly Holi!


This colorful festival of Holi is to celebrate the victory of the almighty over the demon and make us all realize the power of goodness. With the pandemic and climate change crisis, the world needs more attention than ever before. Keeping the safety of the environment in mind, here are some ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi.

While there are numerous stores in your neighborhood from where you can pick up the colors, they are not safe for your health or the environment. Artificial colors contain chemicals and other synthetic agents that can cause irritation, allergies, and dry skin. There are some alternatives to artificial colors.

1.Make your own colors

You can use natural ingredients that are easily available at home like turmeric powder, Chandan, henna, and more. These won’t damage your skin or harm the environment. You can also sun-dry colorful fruits, vegetables, and flowers and then crush them to make a variety of colors. This would be a fun activity to do with your family and friends.


2. Use flowers

Colors, homemade or otherwise leave marks on your skin and stay for days in our surroundings. So, use flowers instead. Go to your local nursery or vendors outside temples to get an assortment of colorful flowers. Flowers can be used as a decoration after the celebration as well or you can simply use the leftovers as compost material.

3. Buy organic colors

There are organic colors available for sale, if you cannot make your own, buy them from Amazon or any of the websites below

4.Dry Holi

Water conservation is the need of the hour. There is a shortage in many parts of India, especially in Maharashtra. Play a dry Holi without wasting water. Avoid using pichkaris or any water guns.

5.Say NO to Plastic

The use of plastic bags and balloons can cause injury and damage to the environment. This only creates more pollution, wastage of water, and adds more plastic to the environment.

6. Protect the Animals

Applying colors on animals and spraying water on them is not at all required. Avoid playing Holi on roads with numerous stray animals. Do not throw any balloons or leftover materials on the roads as cows and dogs feed on our waste. We love animals but let’s not involve them in our festivities.

Let’s have an eco-friendly Holi and have fun during these tough times. Do not forget to follow social distancing while taking as many precautions as possible. The Pandemic is not over.


Happy Holi!

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