Ways to Avoid Food Waste

Every year in India, about 67 million tonnes of food is wasted, which has been estimated to be worth Rs 92,000 crores. In other words, this amount is adequate to feed all of Bihar for a year. We need to make changes in our lifestyles to reduce this number. Here are some easy ways to your bit. 

Check Inventory

Do not go to the grocery store without checking what you already have in your fridge first. Take five minutes to sit down and make a general meal plan, this is not daily meal planning but a road map to make sure that you’re not wasting food, a rough plan of your meals types to know what to buy and what to eat first.

Buy Less

Do not go grocery shopping when you are hungry, you’ll end up buying more food than you require and not eating it before it goes bad. Buy less than you think you need. You’ll typically wind up with the right amount. Grocery stores are very good at marketing, you can get carried away. We tend to have a secret fear of not having enough food to eat and we tend to overspend.  

Save your Scraps

You’re probably wasting or composting things you could have eaten. You can save scraps like carrot peelings, onion skins, garlic skins, tops of celery to make a delicious veggie stock. There are so many creative ways to use food. Before putting anything in the bin, ask yourself, “Is there anything else I can do with this?”

Utilize Your Freezer

If you can’t eat something in time and you notice it starting to look a little tired, freeze it. Most fruits and vegetables can be frozen and used again. Also, look for meals that freeze well like soup or marinara. If you’re making some anyways, why not double the batch? Cook once now and eat multiple times later.

Cook Once, Prep Once

Food often goes to waste, because we’re just too busy to cook all of the meals we thought we were going to make. Keep things streamlined by cooking once and eating multiple times. If you’re chopping onions for stir-fry tonight and you’ll need onions for sabzi tomorrow, why not chop them right now? Tomorrow you won’t have to break out the cutting board again or dirty another knife. Keep it simple.

These simple things will reduce your waste significantly and help you manage your kitchen and meals better. 

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