Sustainable Gifting on Mother’s day

While holidays and special days are a great excuse to break from diets, school, and work, they’re not an excuse to break from our sustainable efforts. Climate change doesn’t go on vacation. The biggest perpetrator during the holiday season surprisingly isn’t traveling emissions. It’s gift-giving and over-consumption. We end up accepting and giving gifts that we don’t even want (let alone need). This mother’s day lets us be kind to our moms and mother earth, by being mindful of the environment. Let’s purchase and endorse ecologically conscious and sustainable gifts. Here are some gifting ideas that will help you be kind to mother earth.


Derives its name from a Persian word, which means I have good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. the brand features a range of fun t-shirts, crop tops, and hoodies, all of which are plant-based with less than five percent synthetic fibers. The clothes are made-on-demand, thereby ensuring they are truly zero-waste.


Okhai is a fashion and lifestyle brand that was specially created to revive dying handicrafts and provide a living to communities that have been practicing these for centuries in an eco-friendly and sustainable way


Asaagat is a skincare line created by Gauri international, an organization named after an underprivileged woman Gauri who did not have the means to even meet her daily needs. Asaagat makes ethically sourced aloe vera-based products and employs local women from the Kumaon region in the manufacturing process.  In addition to individual products, the brand offers specially curated gift baskets for occasions like mother’s day.


Founded by former engineer Krithika prasad, Kalya shastra is an all-natural line of beauty and personal care products that use only natural ingredients for its line of hair, skin, and dental care products. The products are made to order and shipped in eco-friendly packaging and reusable tins.


Tamil Nadu-based wallistry is founded by architects Anjanakshi Bhaskeren and Soundaryan Umapathy. The brand has a range of clay products like water bottles, stoneware items, and notebooks with intricately engraved wooden covers. Made by traditional artisans


Phool creates organic incense from recycled temple flowers. The idea to create the brand came to founder Ankit Agarwal as he sat on the banks of the Ganges and saw the flowers from the temples mixing with the other waste and effluent in the river, further damaging the river’s delicate ecosphere. Phool only employs women in the manufacturing process, repurposes these flowers as incense, and gives them a second lease on life in people’s homes.

The Burlap People

This green startup has been producing products largely made from burlap—procured from the jute plant—that are all biodegradable and recyclable. You can either pick one of their totes or wallets or go the whole hog and get a hamper.

Studio Beej

Beej is a sustainable accessory and lifestyle brand that works with leather alternatives such as cork, Pinatex, and Desserto, which are made from cactus pulp. They also work with upcycled leather and kesh, an upcycled handloom fabric from West Bengal, to produce a sustainable range of handbags, wallets, and clutches. Surprise your mother with their selection of wine bags that are sturdily made of cork and stylish to carry. You can also light up your working mother’s day with beej’s laptop work pads, that are foldable, easy to clean, and portable. 

A Big Indian Story

Gift your mother from a range of bags, sandals, cases that are lined with handwoven ikat cotton, in tune with the brand’s cruelty-free ethos. If you’re feeling overly generous this mother’s day, you can also team a bunch of products made from plant-based material.


Partnering with weavers from Gujarat and a block printing family of artisans in Rajasthan, this brand produces a range of eco-friendly textile products such as scarves, bandanas, table runners, throws, and napkins.

While these are just a handful of suggestions, there are plenty of other brands that are eco-friendly and support marginalized communities to improve their lives. Find such brands and purchase from them. Ideally, giving time or making something at home for your mother is the most sustainable option. Let your gifting be a way to show love and care towards your mother and the earth.

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